Field Day Workshop
When: September 16th
Where: Laundromat Project, Kelly Street
Duration: 4:00pm-6:00pm (2hrs)

Laundromat Project is a non-profit organization that believes art, culture, and engaged imaginations can change the way people see their world, open them up to new ideas, and connect them with their neighbors. "When artists have the opportunity to build and contribute their unique skills and perspectives to the needs of their neighborhoods, they can be invaluable assets in furthering community wellbeing. When the skills and strategies for igniting creativity are made broadly available to everyday people and purposefully applied as tools for visioning a new and better world, these can be powerful forces for positive, transformative change. We know we have been successful when, over time, our neighbors—artists and everyday people, newcomers and old-timers, individually and collectively—become more involved in the civic and cultural affairs of their communities, feel more deeply connected to the places and people where they live and work, and bring a sense of creativity to community concerns."


UVS Workshop: Music as a form of Healing

In this workshop Uptown Vinyl Supreme focused on using music as a
form of healing. The workshop first began with Buddy who spoke about his work. Using massage, reiki and aroma therapy to help in aiding the healing process. Rainey then followed with a brief description of Vinyl and the quality of sound it vibrates versus digital. How that affects us sonically and mentally. Afterwards Sunny lead an open discussion on music that has helped healed participants in certain parts of their lives. Albums, specific songs, and why.

Afterwards participants were lead through a meditation using music from our
records for 20-30 minutes. We asked them to focus on a situation they were going
through or a part of their body that was blocked and needed some sonic sound waves to
move stagnant energy. After the meditation we lead lead an open discussion on
what they felt, visions that came and the different vibrations they felt. It ended with
a small dance party for all to move their body and get rid of anything that no longer served them.