Uptown Vinyl Supreme is a Bronx based DJ collective and community organization paying homage to the analogue roots of music, party and dance culture. Records have the power to uplift, inspire, and heal the people. Friends and lovers of vinyl, Sunny Cheeba, Buddy, Josh Hubi, and Brujo Boogie take this responsibility seriously and continue to explore progressive ways in which this power can reach audiences all over the world, be it through dance gatherings, individual sessions, workshops, private functions, or cultural institutions.

Before the rise of the digital age, musicians, disc jockeys, and dancers worked in unison to decide what was recorded in the studio, played in the club, and captivated on the dance floor. We embrace the essence of old school record playing and socializing. We partner with venues, gather the records, and play for the people in a lively and sonically progressive manner while offering party-goers a safe space to enjoy expression, art, and dance.

Featured Guests: Bobbito Garcia, Large Professor, Grandwizzard Theodore, Tony Touch, Breakbeat Lou, DJ Reborn, Ralph McDaniels, WOOF, Operator EMZ, Miranda Maxwell, Breakfresh NYC, Misbehaviour, Ron G, Easy Mo Bee, DJ Gravy, Grandmaster Caz, Ted Smooth, Kamala, Rich Medina, Brina Payne, Evil Dee, Pete Rock, DJ Perly, Pyscho LES, Marley Marl, Prince Paul, Rockwilder, Peter Gunz, Keith Murray, Blahzay Blahzay, DJ Boogie Blind